If your phone is lagging, freezing or slowing down despite a good processor and advanced operating system, it can make your phone inefficient, which can be a cause for frustration. But, before you buy a new smartphone, try these simple remedies. They can help restore the performance and speed of your smartphone, restoring it to as good as new.

Organise your home screen

Oftentimes, the home screen of your smartphone may be cluttered with applications, notes, alarms, etc. Even though having easy access to these features saves time, exploiting this function will cause a slowdown. So, organize and de-clutter these shortcuts to improve your phone’s performance.

Turn off the auto-sync feature

Auto-sync ensures that your email accounts and various other applications are synced on the phone in a timely manner to display the latest feeds, emails, messages, images, etc. This consumes a lot of processing power and temporarily slows down your phone. Switching off the auto-sync feature is a good fix when you want to speed up the performance.

Switch on the data saver mode

Activating this mode helps you browse through pages on the internet faster by compressing data. Although the image quality and video quality is lower, it helps you speed up performance. It also slows down battery drainage by pulling high-resolution images and videos quickly drain the battery. So, turn on this mode to optimize your phone.

Overclock your processor

Overclocking the processor will improve its speed drastically. By doing this you can bring up the performance of the processor in minutes. However, in order to do it right, it is best to seek help from an expert. This is because doing it incorrectly will affect the battery and other hardware.

Clear your cache

As you browse the web on your phone or install applications, the phone collects cached data. This can put a load on your RAM and processor, and reduce the phone’s performance. So, clearing your phone’s cache will help solve this problem.


Close background applications

When you start an application and do not close it, it continues to run in the background. This overworks the RAM and reduces its power, which directly decreases your phone’s speed. So, remember to check your phone periodically and exit the applications that you are not using to speed up operation.

Update your OS regularly

An outdated operating system will slow down the performance of your smartphone. This is because the OS is a core component of your phone and is the medium via which you can operate it. Thus, install new updates once they are released and ensure that your phone is running as fast as it can.

Install antivirus software

You are likely to download several free applications on to your phone, most of which are tested. However, it can so happen that every now or then, the application or web browser brings in viruses. These viruses will certainly slow down your phone and will also compromise your data. So, install antivirus software to eliminate this threat. The software will run regular checks to discard any malware from your phone.

Clean up your memory

Clean the internal, as well as external phone memory periodically. These drives are powerful and support all your storage needs. But, over time, they can slow down your phone’s performance if you use up all the memory. So, avoid over-utilization, back up music, videos, photos and other data, and delete the files from your memory drive.

Perform a hard reset, if needed

As a last resort, perform a hard reset. This involves resetting the phone to its original settings. However, remember to back up any important files before performing a reset, because this process will reset your smartphone back to its original factory settings.

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