Content marketing has evolved immensely since the late 20th century, from comic books by toy stores and sponsored films to sponsored reality shows and now, the popular YouTube videos and blog posts. Content marketing simply entails creating and sharing content in form of educational or entertaining videos, articles or social media posts with the intention of calling attention to a brand’s products or services without explicitly making sales pitches. The digital world has completely changed the way content marketing is consumed and the good news is; this form of marketing is affordable and it has a long-lasting impact on consumers. However, you need to invest in a few key tools which can either make or break your content marketing efforts. Here are four simple tips to consider while creating your content marketing strategy;

Invest in a Good Website

If you’re going to invest in digital content marketing, you need a good landing page. Picture this; you’ve shared your videos on YouTube and your fans like what they see. They’re now interested in your products or services, How do they reach out to you and how do they learn more about what you do? At the comment section? Of course not. Direct them to your website where they can learn about your business and access formal contact information. In order to convert these fans into serious clients or partners, you need a good website with a modern design. Your site visitors should be able to navigate different pages with ease and interact with your web content. If you choose to have a blog on your website, ensure the articles are well arranged. In addition, accompany your posts with good quality images to reinforce your message and create a clear call to action. Lastly, a good website does not waste the visitors’ time. Ensure your loading speed does not exceed five seconds.

Tell stories

People love stories and great stories have these four attributes; they are about people, they’re fresh or have occurred recently, They are bizarre, interesting or out of the ordinary and lastly, they are about popularly known people or things. If you want your blog posts or YouTube videos to sell, find stories with these qualities and create content about them. You will never have to worry about dropping or non-existent statistics. However, ensure the stories are related to your brand and what you’re selling. Don’t talk about Beyoncé’s gorgeous dress at the BET, if you’re selling IT services.

Pay attention to SEO

Content should sound natural to your audiences but to Google and other Search Engines, the best blogs posts make zero sense if they are not SEO friendly. Search engines use robots in form of web crawlers to crawl through your website and deliver your content to audiences in form of search results. Robots don’t consume content like humans. Therefore, when creating website content, be it articles, infographics or videos, pay attention to basic SEO rules. For instance, use simple, easily palatable sentences in your blog posts to boost readability. In addition, break down your content into short simple parts and when possible use bulleted points. Lastly, SEO friendly content must make use of keywords. Research your niche to uncover common search terms used by your target audiences and incorporate them in your titles, subtitles and general web content.

Have a marketing strategy for your content

The digital world is a noisy space and the modern audiences are bombarded with content. Furthermore, statistics show that people’s concentration spans continue to decrease due to excessive exposure to online content, therefore, have to ensure your content, not only stands out but also dominates the digital world by creating a proper marketing strategy. People are using various tools, including pay per click advertising to increase social engagements and views for their content. Therefore, if you just create content and leave it on your website or YouTube channel. You’re simply doing a disservice to your business. Come up with clever ways to ensure the content reaches its target audiences.

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