As Google dominates the digital marketing industry, content marketing is unavoidable as far as digitalization is concerned.

Search engine matters to marketing specialists because it boosts the organic views of the website in order to generate revenues for advertising. There are 5 main reasons why it plays a key part in marketing.

  • The importance of in-depth articles

Although people are being less attentive to read articles, search engines do not work the same way as human brains. Quality still trumps quantity, and search engine optimization (SEO) focuses more on quality. Therefore, the SEO company Broadplace can help advertisers boost their rankings of the search result.

  • The rise of voice search

Whenever people talk about the search engine, few of them would associate voice search as part of the search engine’s services.

Now that multi-tasking becomes more popular for smartphone users, so it is more convenient for them to use voice search instead of typing while being occupied by other tasks.

In this sense, SEO matters more than ever because there are more ways for people to search for information instead of just typing all the time.

  • Visualisation of content

While the main subject here is not about image search, it is a bonus for any website to embed a meaningful image, so that it is more searchable as the algorithm does count images as part of the criteria to prioritize the search results.

In addition, videos are crucial for SEO because they boost the online traffic within a short duration, and there are different types of videos such as webinars, explainers and video blogging which are welcomed by the online users.

  • The dawn of guest blogging

Guest blogging is no longer the most effective way of online advertising because the algorithm sorts out original contents instead of forwarded articles. Originality is the only way to make the content better than ever.

Online visibility can only be increased once the website is shown through the search results. To be shown at the top of the list, valuable contents must be demonstrated for the algorithm to work well. 

  • The influence of machine learning

Last but not least, a search engine is now a combination of big data and artificial intelligence. On the surface, digital marketing is only about putting keywords into the articles of a website, then everything else will go smoothly afterward.

In fact, knowing the system of machine learning is of utmost importance. This system decides which website comes to the top by considering the website’s content quality and backlink. The more the system can detect from a website, the higher the ranking is.

To sum up, search engine matters the most to digital marketing because there is a huge potential to earn much profit by getting around the system. In other words, this is the age of SEO and everyone has to at least understand what it means to be good at using SEO to reach more audience.

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