A franking machine is an essential investment for any office. It allows for parcels to be “franked”, ensuring that postage can be added without the need of a postage stamp. This can save a lot of time and effort if your postage orders are large, as there will be no need for queuing at the Post Office. Franking machines are well-known tools to improve efficiency, save costs, and save time for a business. You top them up online, and there is no need to visit the Post Office! Here are some of the major reasons to invest in a franking machine, instead of using regular postal stamps:

1. Cheaper Postage:

In the UK, the Royal Mail offers significant price discounts for franked mail. This is because franked mail is much cheaper and easier to handle, as opposed to issuing stamps and processing stamped items. Due to such high discounts, it may be worth investing in a franking machine, even if your company’s annual volume of mail is low.

2. Greater Convenience:

Franking machines can be topped up online, and it need not take more than a minute. It is quick, easy, and you never need to visit the Post Office. You can get your parcels ready to post whether or not the Post Office is open. Letters can be easily processed, and packages can be weighed, allowing for the correct postage charges to apply.

3. Cost Accounting:

Franking machines tend to log postage costs, which can be very helpful if filing for a tax return. You can combine or separate expenditures from different company departments and can also make for easier budgeting.

4. Professional Image and Free Advertising:

Franked stamps can be customized to include your business logo, slogan, or any other promotional text to help your business. Sending mail with franked stamps ensures that the company retains a professional image in the eyes of their customers. It also provides the company with a free method of advertising.

5. Preventing Over/Under Stamping:

Overstamping is extremely common when you need something posted, but you’re not sure if its exact weight and decide to be on the safe side by overstamping. Hence, you pay more than you should. If you under the stamp, however, you may be charged, and it causes customers inconvenience when picking up the parcel. When using a franking machine, this is never a problem, as it is easy to get the correct postage each time.

While the above list includes some of the most important advantages, there are multiple other reasons why your company may decide to buy a franking machine. If you’re a business or organization that sends mail to your customers, then buying a franking machine is likely to benefit you greatly. Click here to learn about renting a franking machine, and the different types that are available.

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