Digital marketing might be the next big thing, but direct mail marketing still remains one of the most viable ways of promoting a brand. If you intend to hire direct mail services in near future or want to start a new campaign, make sure that you are not making any of the 8 mistakes listed below!

1. Using poor images and logos.

If used effectively, images and logos can create a lasting impact, so when you send the final draft for printing, make sure that the largest size is sent to the company for effective scaling.

2. No bleeds.

When you just extend the image just to the sides of the page, there can be a white line in the printed material, which isn’t uncommon but feels like a gaffe. Make sure that the image is extended 5mm beyond the edge of the sides.

3. Ineffective layout.

You may have the best images, logos, and content, but if the layout isn’t impactful, the purpose of the direct mail is lost. Always check the layout at least twice and seek the opinion of others before approval.

4. Not using perforations effectively.

When it comes to perforations, most marketers make mistakes regarding placement. Perforations are used for making certain parts easy to remove, and therefore, these are best placed around the edges.

5. Not using right paper stock.

Direct mail should be reflective of the product that you are selling, so yes, don’t compromise on the finishing and stock. In an effort to reduce the costs, many marketing experts make this mistake and pay a heavy price for the campaign.

6. Going with heavy mail.

While you shouldn’t be compromising on the quality of the mail, avoid unnecessary weight. Check what can be effectively done to reduce the postal cost and eventually increase returns on investment.

7. Using complicated mail.

If your customer cannot open or doesn’t know what to do with the mail you have sent, the campaign would end up being a bummer. Make sure that you are using a simple and readable layout.

8. Not focusing on size and shape.

Well, customers want the mail to have some purpose to them, and it is easy to understand why size and shape matters. Many marketing agencies end up being too creative and miss these aspects that really matter to the end audience.

Hire the right direct mail marketing service and you can easily avoid and check for these mistakes.

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