Death is a very painful thing and so is losing our loved ones. We do not realize the value of a person until we lose that person completely. So, it is also very important that we value each and every person. In most of the cases of death, the close ones and the family members are so grieve stricken that they find it difficult to understand as to what they should do and whose support they should take? And what religious ceremonies they have to follow.

First of all, they are in so much pain and deep loss. And their mind is muddled with all sorts of confusion and tensions and thoughts of life after the death of their loved ones that they totally forget how to handle the situation and what religious norms to follow. Recently, there have been many death cases in a rise in the UK. Due to this reason, many funeral services have come which helps and assists people during such hard times.

Funeral Readings

Such services offer various kinds of help like how to carry the body till graveyard, what prayers to perform in the church etc. It also guides people on non religious funeral readings also. Non-religious funeral readings cannot be read in place of readings like the Gospel or the old testaments etc. but it can also be used as worship assistants or through other means. Apart from writing poems, letters and phrases for the lost loved one, there are many unique ways in which you can bid farewell to your loved ones.

A journey of Life after Death

One of the best ways and the most common trend which is practiced in London is releasing white doves. White dove release for a funeral in London is a very common practice. But is a very blessed way of releasing the soul of the loved one. Doves have always been a symbol of blessing and of the Holy Spirit. So, people usually carry a single dove in the graveyard and release the dove after the burial process. You can also carry a pair of doves and release it as it will symbolize that the soul of your loved one is not wandering alone and has a companion of an angel in the so-called journey of life after death.

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