Don’t Take Notes!

At big business meetings do you often find yourself with your head buried in a notebook scribbling down every bit of what goes on, making sure to accurately record each and every word? This attention to detail makes you appear studious and professional… right?


When you’re laser-focused on taking notes, you’re actually portraying yourself unfavorably! At best, it appears as though you’re not interested in your work and simply going through the motions. At its worst…serial scribing sets you up with a reputation as an observer, not a contributor – causing those in charge to think you’re not cut out of leadership material!

To make the big bosses see you as one of their own, instead, sit up straight and alert, hold your head high, and make eye contact with people as if they are speaking directly to you. Occasionally nod to show your understanding, and focus on active business listening. While in interpersonal relationships, it’s great to place emphasis on listening to hear, understand and connect to the other person, business listening is a different animal.

When you’re listening to a presentation or in the boardroom, pay attention to the speaker through the lens of planning your next move. Pull a few talking points and strategize how best to make your voice heard. When it’s your turn to speak, you’ll already have a clear, confident message that establishes authority and makes you sound smart.

But what about all the details, you say? How will you ever remember? Use a memo recorder if you can, and if you must take your notebook, write in short-hand and bullet points. Make sure transcribing doesn’t take away from your ability to contribute. To take it one step further set a challenge for yourself: never leave a meeting without speaking, asking a thoughtful question or sharing an innovative idea. This is one quick, easy way to make the most of every opportunity and secure the reputation you want.

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Bianca Rose,

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