When you need a little extra cash or want to put aside a little to fund your next vacation or night out, selling off scrap metal is a great way to both clean up your house and rake in some extra dollars. You probably have hundreds of pounds of scrap metal just collecting dust, when it could be collecting your interest. Here are some of the best places to look for valuable scrap metal.

Cooking and Clean Up

The kitchen is usually full of metal. Not all of it is scrap, but if you have some old pots and pans or out of service appliances, you’ll be off to a good start. In addition, disposable stuff like aluminum foil found in packaging and used for cooking can also help beef up your scrap collection. After all, aluminum is currently selling for nearly two dollars a pound, so every ounce puts a little more money in your pocket and encourages you to save those cans.

Plumbing Rebates

When you need to fix a leak or plan to replace a faucet, don’t just chuck the old stuff. Copper piping can help put a fair amount of money in your pocket with a current value of more than $3/lb. Recycling the old pipes could help pay for the repair, so you don’t have to pinch pennies when you call the plumber. Your water heater tank is usually made from steel and weighs a ton, so it is more than worth effort to haul it to a local recycling center.

Old Appliances Find New Value

When the washer goes up, the company delivering your new one will likely offer free haul away. Why? Because they can scrap the metal and make a few extra dollars on the delivery. Don’t give away money. Instead, take that broken washer, rusted out dryer or useless refrigerator to a scrap yard and get paid by the pound.

Scour Storage Spaces

It’s easy to pack things into the attic, garage, and basement, never to look at them again, but that just cuts down on your storage space and may be leaving money on the table. Old chairs, metal picture frames, and broken lamps can all contain a fair amount of scrap. In the garage, rusted tools, old bicycles, and unneeded car parts can all yield a lot of scrap metal. Computers, televisions and other electronics often have meters of copper wiring and even gold used to print circuits. With all of the metal inside your electronics, simply throwing them out is a waste.

Contact Local Recycling Centers

Instead of giving away your scrap metal, get in touch with local recycling centers to get more information about what they take and how much they pay. Scrap isn’t usually worth as much as raw metal, but you can still rake in a hefty rebate depending on the weight. One couple even paid for their wedding by collecting aluminum cans, so don’t just toss trash. Take a look at what you have and help turn your trash into a real treasure.

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