A thorough documentation is required for conducting the incorporation procedures within the time limits. Though the entire procedure is quite lengthy but will be completed with ease. There are different types of companies out there in the market. The challenge is to convince them to register along with us to get all sorts of benefits during the course.

  • The most important benefit is to take advantage and discounts over-taxation charges, offers and schemes, and Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) which will help the newly developed companies to increase their production rates by incorporating new technology solutions and instruments.
  • Liability offers for new members.
  • Any local or foreign start-up owner who is 18 years old or above is allowed to register in the organization. In the case of private companies, there is no age limit.

The Proceedings

The ACRA application form should be filled up at the beginning. Usually, it takes near about to an hour to complete the proceedings. The organization will themselves inform you in case you’re signing up has failed. The username should not contain any law-related names for faster approvals. This kind of keywords will delay in the process referring to other governments for approval procedures. This will charge extra time whenever a new enterprise is included.

Quick notes to keep in mind for approving your name at the earliest by Singapore Company Incorporation Consultants

  • A very uncommon name that does not have any link to any other company name.
  • It should not be violent in nature
  • No past names should be used again and again
  • It should not be insulting by any means
  • It should not contain any words that redirect to any other government companies.

From the date of application, the reservation will start and exist for 60 days. If you are planning to extend it more after the 60 days then you will have to fill up their extension form before your period gets expired.


Ihcas offer you nothing new except ISO registrations.

  • They have proper professional teams who are experts in this particular field. They will assist you in the best possible way regarding ISO queries.
  • It is important to work in a systematic order to get the work done within the time limits. They will make sure that it is completed with dedication.
  • As a client you should be able to trust your firm completely. The skilled team is always ready to guide you in the right manner.
  • It is dynamic to work with such an experienced team with so high successful rates. You will enjoy the entire process while working with them.

Getting Consultations

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