It used to be that if you worked hard at SEO (Search engine optimization) you would rise in searches and attract your site visitors from that. Well, not so fast – many now believe that adding ads to search engines will get you more traffic to your website. But the internet has grown to the point where marketing might need more than SEO and SEM.

Boost Ads

Another method that has worked well for many businesses is ad boost. $49 monthly to give unlimited certificates for free 3-5-day hotel stays to your customers. Soon a dining gift certificate option will be available as well. Give away free vacations to leads, prospects, and clients. You can learn more about the way to boost ads at Go here for further information on this unique way to boost ads.

Double conversions for existing ads

Add a free vacation incentive as a bonus if your prospect buys today. This will certainly separate you from your competition.

Boost referral and repeat business

Vacation sales incentives are a great way to get your customers to continue to buy from you and to refer you to others.

Other methods

Other methods to add include:

Of course, there are other things you can do to add to your marketing plan.

  • Add your website to as many directories as you can
  • Google’s is an excellent way of advertising as well
  • Websites you should investigate are social sites such as and

 Other methods to help surge your visibility on the internet includes:

Have friends, family, and associates’ link to your website from their website;

Include web address on flyers;

  • Add web address to local directories
  • Include your web address on email signature
  • Include web address on business cards
  • Link your website from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

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