Running a business can be an expensive affair. While other expenses, such as taxes and payroll, cannot be avoided, you can save considerably on office supplies with smart planning. Below are some of the better tips for managing the budget for office supplies.

Stock carefully

More often than not, managers don’t check if a product is in stock before placing the next order. Do not stock your supplies in different locations and make sure to keep everything out of the big carton boxes.

Buy after checking everything

When you are ready to place your next order, make a checklist based on what you have and what can be avoided for now. Many employees end up taking office supplies home, so you need to check which stocks are ending faster than expected. Also, set a budget and stick to it, if you are ordering every month.

Shop from online stores

There are a bunch of online stores, such as 123ink Canada, that offer better deals and discounts on most products and supplies. You can save huge if you get everything from a single store, and what’s even better is the fact that most online stores have all leading brands in store.

Buy in bulk

Retailers and wholesalers always have special discounts on big orders. Since most of the products will be required next month and for other months, buying in bulk is always handy. However, if you are buying products that come with an expiry date, do confirm the same before paying for the order.

Get more discounts with coupons

Many online stores release coupons for specific periods. Think of Easter discounts, monthly offers, and codes for bulk purchases. Check for such offers to save more on your budget. Keep in mind that the offers are usually limited for a few days, so place the order immediately.

Maintain a ledger

Most office managers issue office supplies, without actually checking the ledger. Maintaining a ledger always comes handy because you can track how frequently products are being replenished. This may further help in understanding the departments that are using the most amount of stationery and office supplies.

Not to forget, keep a check of the printing costs. Printing papers are often unavoidable, but there is always a way to digitize processes. By reducing the use of paper and ink, you will also help the environment, which is one of the bigger concerns for businesses worldwide.

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