Leeline Sourcing is the most experienced FBA Sourcing company with their local office in China.  That together with years of experience, they understand everything needed to be prepared for shipping products to Amazon’s FBA warehouses.  They work with professional Amazon sellers all around the world with all the services needed and much more for exceptional FBA sourcing of China services.

Offer clients

Leelinesourcing always offers these clients better prices than many other suppliers.  With their high quality, efficient services, they have many regular customers that have been with them for years.  They have a vision that time is life, and time is money, so Leeline Sourcing helps when they import from China, leaving their client with no need to worry or any problems, only pay pocket change while saving time and money.

FBA Sourcing

FBA sourcing is one of the more important tasks for any Amazon seller and it takes time.  But Leeline Sourcing is ready to help.  When you have a new sourcing project coming in, you will need to fill out a form with all relative information. This enables their team to source the product, dealing with all aspects of the purchase, quality assurance, certification such as FDA, FDD, SGS and more.  They market the materials with photography, package design and copywriting, inspection of product, as well as preparing and shipping.  Their team manager will keep you informed every step of the way.  You will be making your own decisions along the way such as starting with pricing, logo and graphic design, and product delivery options.

Solutions for import problems

They create solutions for your import problems and avoid problems such as scams or finding quality problems when the product is received.  These problems can be different color shades, problems with bending, or second choice mixed into your first-choice goods.  They make flexible arrangements saving time by taking care of problems as quickly as they can.

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