Fire is a problem no matter where you are. It can happen night or day almost anywhere. Whether at work, or school or home, fire safety issues need to be discussed. This includes where emergency equipment is as well as how to get out of an area when it is on fire.

Fire extinguishers

There are many things to use when a fire does break out with the most widely used item being the fire extinguishers. There are many different sized extinguishers that can be used almost everywhere. They also come in various sizes like the apartment kitchen extinguishers which are small enough to put under the sink.

Fire alarms

Another popular item used in homes and other places is the fire alarm. They are usually placed in bedrooms and other areas, so they will sound off when there is a fire started during the night when people are asleep. It awakes people, so they have time to get out of the dwelling before the smoke or flames can get to them. Many lives are saved yearly due to smoke and fire detectors.

Emergency lighting

In emergency situations in large buildings, it is likely that the main power supply can be cut or fails. This darkness can cause a physical danger to people trying to exit the building. Therefore, many buildings required sufficient levels of emergency lighting to clearly mark escape routes and provide lighting along these routes towards exits allowing everyone to vacate the building.

Workplace and schools

Every school and workplace are required to have fire drills so that when an alarm goes off people in these areas know immediately the fastest way to exit the building. It is recommended that families also have fire drills so everyone in the family knows the fastest way to get out of the room they are in if a fire should break out in the dwelling.

Fire exits

Fire is an issue no matter where you are, so it is important when you are in a strange area, to look around for the fire exits so if anything happens, you will know how to safely leave the place that you are in.

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