If you are looking to give your career a boost, and change direction, but unsure where to turn to, have you considered the cannabis industry? With the liberalization of cannabis laws across the states, the number of cannabis job opportunities has grown and will continue to grow in the years ahead. You will notice that although there are lots of cannabis jobs listed on websites such as Cannabis.net, there is also a lot of competition for each position. How do you set yourself apart from the competition?

Have “The Knowledge”

The best way to show you are the candidate for the job is to demonstrate a secure and confident knowledge of all things cannabis. Sure, some will know about the different strains, but do they know about their effects and what medicinal conditions are suited to each strain? This is where you can set yourself apart. Not many people know about the different genetics of each strain, and if you can learn the basics of this, you can have an advantage over the competition. If you communicate a deep knowledge to your employer, they will be impressed and will recognize this confidence that you show could be transferred to their regular customers.

It is also essential that you know about edibles and extracts, which are growing at an exponential rate. Some regular cannabis users may not know about edibles and extracts, and you may have to communicate the benefits of these to people who want to find out more.

How much can you earn?

After a few years working as a dispenser, it is possible to earn approximately $70,000 a year. Other entry-level jobs such as bud trimmers can expect to earn $12 an hour. This is a good job to get your foot through the door for you to progress to land a better-paid job.

If you build up contacts in the industry, you never know what opportunities may come about. We would also recommend that you regularly read and write blogs on a regular basis to build up your profile, as well as keeping abreast of the latest fascinating research in the cannabis space.

Are you looking for a cannabis job in your local area? Why not make use of the cannabis jobs near me tool to search for opportunities near you – http://jobs.cannabis.net/cm/candidate/search_jobs.

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