Spam is no longer just an unidentified product; it is also a term for the deluge of the annoying junk e-mail that clogs your inbox. If you rely on the tools of internet marketing to promote your services and products, you should know the frustration that your emails are not reaching to your targeted subscribers due to the spam filters. The best way out of the issue is a spam testing tool.

Email spam filters are the software programs that search for the keywords and the phrases that used commonly in the spam emails.  If your email is filtered through one of these software programs and any of the common phrases or word is detected, the result can lead to a negative score on the spam system and ultimately being blocked by the host.

Email testing tools and its benefits

The good news is there are some good ways to ensure that those filters will never prevent your emails from reaching to your subscribers. The simplest way is not to use the trigger words.

 Secondly, the most important thing to consider is the online email spam testing tools. You just simply send your emails or newsletters to the tools and they will return a report of possible trigger words in your emails, which may alert the filters.

There are many free or paid email testing tools that work efficiently to test the spam in your email folders. You will find many open source platforms to know your email testing score. It may give the administrators of the system, a proper filter to categorize their emails and to block the spam with a strong plug-in and scoring framework. It also integrates a huge amount of advanced statistical test and analysis of the email body and email headers.

To check the quality of your outbound emails you will also get the email spam testing tools with API.

How to run a spam testing:

Just choose the best email spam testing tool for your marketing and go to the spam tab of your relevant account. Then just start the spam test by clicking on the button. Now send the email to the seed addresses that will appear on your list.  These lists are generated uniquely for every spam test. After receiving your mail details, these types of software will start sending the results to you and even you will get a complete visual overview of your spam testing result.

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