We live in a world where things are done at lightning speed, and with the inclusion of technology, we have become used to a certain level of convenience. Although technology has made many aspects of life easier and more efficient, it has also created an environment where attention is easily lost. In an ever-growing workforce that has been reliant on technology for their whole lives, it is more important now than ever to implement tactics to keep your employee’s attention where it needs to be. With the help of Aviana Global’s AMBER, the best employee engagement software on the market, you will be able to achieve just that.

Why Employee Attention is Important

Every workforce needs to be as efficient as possible to perform at its peak. Whether the company employs ten people or ten thousand people, the only real way to be effective is through knowledge. This can be an extremely difficult challenge depending on the size or scope of the company, and not having your employee’s attention can lead to unresolvable problems. Even in our age of technology, emails and memos are sometimes not enough to get everyone’s attention. Imagine going to a college course, putting on some headphones playing music, and reading a book at your desk; it would be nearly impossible for you to pass the class. Even if it was a class that you had passed previously and were familiar with, the fact that you didn’t know when assignments were due, and the instructions of each assignment would lead to your ultimate failure. The same can be said for the workplace, and attention is of the utmost importance if you want the job done on time and properly.

Improving Communication and Boosting Attention

The most important concept you can implement to boost employee attention is by improving communication. If you communicate appropriately and creatively, holding your employee’s attention will become much easier, and will, in turn, create a more productive company. Here are some ways that communication may be lacking in your company:

  • If you are still employing the concept of all staff memos or emails, you may be reaching only a fraction of your intended audience. Using this method, it is impossible to know who has seen the memo, and how to follow up. Find tools that will get to your employees more easily, or implement weekly staff meetings for different departments to make sure that the information is conveyed properly. Using tracking technology is a good way to keep tabs on memos if you still want to implement the all staff email method. With the help of AMBER by Aviana Global, employee engagement software can help you implement the proper tracking tools.
  • In regards to employee attention, brevity is your friend. If you are still writing long messages, you are probably losing most of your employee’s attention. Try to keep it under one hundred words so that you don’t lose your audience.
  • Vocabulary can be a deterrent to many employees as well. Although it may look fancy informal letters to your superiors, writing in a lofty tone may alienate your employees. Be sure to write as simply as possible so that nothing is lost in translation, and make sure your tone of voice is appropriate for the situation.
  • Add some flare to your communication because nothing is more boring than a screen or page just full of words. Adding visual stimulation would help employees pay more attention to what you have to say, and can be done by adding humor, cartoons, or videos.

Best Employee Engagement Software

Communication is just one way that you can engage with your employees and employee engagement is extremely important. With AMBER, Aviana Global offers the best employee engagement software and can help you make sure that your employees are working to the best of their ability. Contact them today to see what they can offer you!

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