Work morale can make or break a business and ensuring its top-notch can really make all the difference. Here are some tips on doing so.

1. Take on daily huddles with positive energy

Most people will try to suppress any feelings of feeling down or stress as much as they can, with many taking on coffee and doughnuts as consolation. This however only makes the condition worse. Taking the bitter moments thrown at you positively creates a shot of natural energy that keeps you going for the rest of the day. Look for a friend or colleagues you can talk to, to relieve the pressure.

2. Switch the schedule up a bit

Everyone hates Monday. Many of us will come to work with Monday blues hence are unable to deliver. Pushing the schedule up a bit and starting off late on Monday can, however, be the solution you need to deal with the hustle and bustle of the weekend. This should boost your morale significantly.

3. Remember the ‘purpose’

Never forget the main reason why you come to work every day. Don’t just focus on the tantrums and stress you have to go through at work. Let employees know about their purpose, talk about it, and remind them of the benefits of working towards a common goal. Employees will be motivated more if they know the money/tax collected is meant for their own well-being, such as beautifying parks, improving education, and protecting citizens.

4. Be appreciative

Thank you, are two of the most powerful words today. It puts a smile on the other person’s face. Learn to appreciate whatever the employees or employers do for you.

5. Let them talk

Dealing with customers can be stressing at times. This is the same with dissatisfied employees. Letting them vent their problems/issues first however always works for most people. Most people will only be willing or open to change after they have vented out. Holding meetings in small groups to share the experiences you have at work, and challenges faced can, however, help learn how to handle various situations.

6. Take on the common problem for the team

This can be a nasty client or customer that no one likes to handle. Taking on him/her, and ensuring you come to a viable solution is not only good for the company but can also be a key motivator for many people. Here are some good tips on raising morale from IQVIA

7. Make some changes

Even the best workplaces can turn monotonous and dull when they remain the same for a long time. Changing the office setup once in a while, however, creates an allure of freshness, hence can be a great way to boost your morale. You can either have the office painted with bright colors, or just take turns cleaning everything up.

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