Identity Cards

An identity card (more commonly known as an ID) is a card that is carried around by a person documenting their personal details to prove evidence of this person’s identity. The personal details included on the ID card may include but are not limited to: their full name(s), their age, their gender, their date of birth, their place of birth, an official image of the person, their physical address, and their citizenship within a specific country. Ultimately, an ID card is used to prove who you are to whoever may need proof of your identity. This is often used to prevent fraud and is often used in the marketing word for companies to allow identification of their employers to their clientele.

How to use Identity Cards as a marketing tool

In marketing, ID cards are important because they help potential clients recognize the safety and honesty of a person or the company that they are representing. Therefore, this makes the client more inclined to trust the person or representative company and enables the client to feel as though they are capable of buying from this person/company without being swindled or misguided. In this way, ID cards are essential tools for corporate institutes.

ID cards as a marketing tool

To use an ID card as a marketing tool, it is important that the ID card is visible and clear at all times. Many companies provide their employees with ID cards to represent their company, and these companies often request that their employees wear their company ID cards on them at all times in a visible location. Therefore, this ensures that any customer that comes into contact with this employee feels secure and is capable of viewing this person’s, and well as the company’s, details.

This is also a very good marketing tool since company ID cards worn at all times may attract unexpected clients. For example, if a company requests that their employees wear their ID cards in a visible location even after working hours or outside of the company grounds and the employee decides to go to the grocery store, someone may view the employee’s ID card and be interested in the company. Thus, ID cards are an excellent form of marketing and advertising for many companies.


Lanyards are pieces of fabric that are usually worn around the neck and enable specific items to be attached to them. This means that the attached item will be worn near the chest area. Lanyards are often fitted with clips on end, and the most common items that are attached to these lanyards include ID cards, badges, keys, notebooks or pens.

How to use lanyards as a marketing tool

In the marketing industry, lanyards are valuable ornaments that offer advertising opportunities. This is because lanyards can be custom-made with a brand or company logo to represent a company when their employees wear them. Moreover, company ID cards are often attached to these branded lanyards. In a company, employees are often asked to wear their ID cards attached to a custom-designed company lanyard to promote the company, attract customers, and demonstrate to existing customers that the company is innovative and has integrity.

Additionally, a good advertising strategy for a company to attract customers it to give away free branded lanyards as promotional tools. These are incentives for clients and often attract a large clientele when accompanied with small, cheap gifts such as branded pens, inexpensive USB devices or notepads.

Where to find lanyard supplies in the UK

From a business point-of-view, lanyards are inexpensive (especially when bought in bulk) and are a fantastic means of advertising in the commercial world. In the UK, various lanyard suppliers UK offer customized lanyards. Additionally, many of these suppliers are online and have fast delivery, offering ease and comfort. Moreover, these companies often offer package deals with lanyard supplies that help promote the company in the long run. For example, some suppliers offer to attach special, customized promotional items such as USB devices if you are willing to buy a select number of lanyards and pay a small additional amount when buying. Therefore, it is important to do research to find the best available deals.

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