Hänel is not a new name and we all know about its credibility. It has for long ensured to produce the best quality solutions when it comes to efficient intralogistics. When it comes to automated vertical lift systems as well as storage carousels there is no company that can beat Hänel.

When it comes to hanel rotomat you can be sure to get the best of automated storage and retrieval systems. One of the chief reasons as to why vertical storage is being so much sought after by several companies is because nothing can provide space and efficiency as it has to offer.

You can be assured that hanel rotomat provides a high amount of storage density. At the same time, you can feel much convinced because you will notice that more than 85 percent of floor space gets saved. This is one of the prime reasons as to why so many companies today prefer ASRS systems to other storage facilities. If you want to know more about the benefits that come with vertical storage facilities a few of the reasons have been listed below:

You are provided with the utmost Space economy

There is no doubt about the fact that vertical storage carousels do provide you with more than 85 percent of storage space. The storage trays, as well as a carousel, will be stored in a very efficient way. You get some of the best partitions and dividers within the ASRS system. This also can get customized as per your requirement. It’s highly flexible too. When you build a storage system vertically than building it outwards, you get the chance to increase workspace. Also, you get to use the storage space to the utmost potential.

Undoubtedly highly efficiency

With ASRS systems from Hänel, you can be lest assured that the vertical carousel will work towards improving access to goods and products. At the same time, it will enhance the productivity level. In fact, with just one click of a button, you will also be able to find and retrieve the goods you need. This way you save time, you do not have to look around for different parts and pieces. The goods will get to the workers directly. Thus every second gets saved and your work gets improved.

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