In this globalized world and in the era of the technology letters and post still, have their own importance. If you are thinking of sending a parcel out of your country then it is essential to know the various facts related to international postage rates.

Postage is a very important part of posting a letter or a parcel on an international basis. If you have been considering sending a letter or a parcel to a near and dear one who is living abroad then get an overview of the postage rates below.

What are Postage Rates?

  • Parcels that needs to be delivered to the door and is sent through the mail need stamps.
  • Online delivery parcels and sending parcels through the mail are two very different concepts.
  • While sending a mail through your post office within your country putting on a stamp ensures that you have paid for the shipment and posting of your letter or parcel.
  • It also assures you of proper and timely delivery. Postage rates are basically are the payment symbolized by a stamp.
  • The International postage rates [อัตราค่าส่งไปรษณีย์ต่างประเทศ, which is the term in Thai] depend on the carrier you choose to forward your parcel with.

Why the International Postage Rates Differ?

The international postage rates differ due to various reasons.

  • The posting service you are choosing to get your post delivered is an important factor in deciding the postage rates.
  • Also, the country to which you are sending your parcel plays an important role in making of the postage rates. Different countries have different payments bars set for delivering parcels.
  • The distance that the parcel will travel and the transportation used to send the parcel abroad also makes a difference in the postage rates.
  • The weight of the parcel that you are posting and the substance inside the parcel also decides the International postage rates for your post from the varying postage rates.

Sometimes the rate also differs with damage insurance against the parcel you are posting. If you want to send a post to a remote area then expect an increase in the postage rate. Also, if you choose to express delivery service against normal delivery then the postage rate increases. International postage rates also depend on the economy of the country and the value of the currency. The rates are usually decided by the government. Private deliveries decided their own rates keeping at par with the rates decided by the government.

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