We all know that in the field of trading the fiercest competition. In order to attract new customers, brokerage companies are constantly improving their services. As brokers say: Everything for the client. But not every broker can actually prove the consistency of his words. Therefore, when choosing a brokerage company, you should consider the full range of services that it offers. After choosing a broker, the client looks forward to a long-term work with him. The list of broker companies is really impressive. There are large brokerage offices, which have proved themselves from the best side. There are smaller companies, but they work conscientiously. There are small companies, the path of which is just beginning. But we will consider the brokerage company Larson & Holz, which provides brokerage services, not for the first year. The company started work in 2004. Therefore, the beginning office it cannot be called. Many are not familiar with this company. Let’s go over the history of the company Larson & Holz, and at the same time consider some features. Official registration of the company, the city of Saint Vincent. Well, in the same city is the head office of the company. Thanks to the expanded partner company, and its features we will consider below, the company literally overgrew with partner companies. There are offices in Russia. And not only Russia but also in the territory of the former CIS. This is Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and others. In fact, they are partner offices of Larson & Holz.

 The first thing that any person pays attention to is the status of a brokerage company. First, it is a certain guarantee that a person will be able to find answers to all questions, and in case of anything, solve any problem. And there can be quite a lot of problems. Secondly, who, and how to exercise control over the company. Agree, if the broker is not controlled by anyone, he can do whatever he wants. Can easily deceive a person, and appropriate his money. And how in this case to challenge the decision of the broker? But another thing, if the broker is a controlling body. This is FSA and IFSC. Many can say that these bodies are foreign, and you will not achieve the truth. In principle, this is not true, since foreign regulators are quite strict about financial institutions. Perhaps, it is tougher than in Russia. But Larson & Holz is also controlled by NAFD. So to say that the broker is not controlled by anyone, it’s nothing to say. And besides, the company is a member of the brokerage community in Russia and abroad. And this also means something. In such a community do not take everyone in a row.

As for innovation. Larson & Holz has developed many services and introduced some changes to existing options. In terms of trading, the company introduced advanced ECN trading accounts and NDD accounts. In addition, conditions for no-deposit trading were changed. Namely, the amount Larson & Holz raised for the deposit to the trader was increased. Thus, a trader could trade in large volumes and thus earn more. This option is still one of the most popular options for the company. The conditions for providing social services for the company’s customers have also been changed. Now, in addition to the general chat, customers can write personal messages to each other. In terms of confidentiality, this is a huge advantage. The competitions that Larson & Holz provides to its clients are gaining momentum. Changes have affected this option. The number of competitions has increased. Now the competitions are held every month. The prize fund of competitions has also changed. Now the winner receives not $ 1,000, as before. 10 000 dollars at stake. As a result, increased interest, and severe competition of trading systems. For beginners, there is a double benefit. The client himself can participate in the competition or can look at the trade of other traders. So, can understand the essence of this or that trading system. The company presents trade reports, without restrictions. Perhaps there is a third point of benefit. A novice trader can contact the best trader in his opinion, and discuss the characteristic moments of the trade. Again, social service will help to do this. Another feature of the company – the accrual of a certain percentage of the deposit. Now traders in compensation of spread or any other commission receive compensation in the form of a refund of interest on the deposit. Plus, additional services have been added for copying transactions. Now the trader can choose the manager from any specialized service. Previously, it was necessary to choose only from the server of the company, and several third-party communities. Now the list has expanded, and you can choose by any criteria.

 At first, Larson & Holz Crypto specialized only in the foreign exchange market. But the company has gradually joined other financial markets. Now you can trade not only with currency. Shares. Commodity exchange. Stock Exchange. The list can be continued. And what’s more, CFD contracts, allowing you to trade for the difference of an asset, without its real delivery. Very convenient service, by the way.

The only thing that has not changed is the motto of the company. To any customer, the best conditions. The company assists its partners in opening their own company. Help with advice and money. Above mentioned about this. Money remains a partner as an asset. Such an interesting brokerage company.

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