Since it was first developed and all the way to the current version, the Magento 2 Ajax add to cart extension has undergone improvements continuously to the point of being very fine-tuned. This has resulted in the most stable, flexible and adaptable solution on the Magento marketplace.

Always delivers

The current extensions have been worked to perfection, in and out. And you can be certain that every single feature that you find advertised, will always be delivered.

Matches any theme

The extension is designed with all your needs in mind. It is also equipped with a toolset for being integrated with any customized theme.


This extension has been developed to use all Magento’s abilities to the maximum amount, making certain that the entire module works well with any other component of your Magento software. It does all the following:

  • Supports all the natural product types
  • Works with standard cart updated controller
  • Works on product, category and with list pages
  • Works on custom pages where the standard cart controller is already
  • Updates all the natural cart instances (sidebar cart, top cart)
  • No conflicts with external plugins

Site design

It has been proven that the more intricate the site design the more it contributes to the brand’s trustworthiness (and therefore to its conversion rates). It makes seamless shopping experiences and gives the elusive “pro” feel that all store owners are striving for. The AJAX Cart Pro extension works as a solid tool in these actions.

Service screens

Service screens frequently together with confirm wording of confirmation does not need to be boring or annoying. The module’s confirmation pop-ups can be customizable. Not only will you be able to excite your clients or customers with the designed splash-screens that are neat, but also include elements that are interactive to guide your clients.

No complex code

You can forget any adjustment of complex code – a modest editor for the backend will work just as well. Instant Preview Functions are promises that the clients will only see any results when ready.

Magento e-commerce platform software is written for designs of e-commerce websites.

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