A motor lift is one of the most important tools used to install and remove small car and truck engines. It is also known as an engine lift and engine crane. It has a strong support structure made from aluminum and/or welded steel. Its distinct feature is its cantilever arm that connects to the engine’s lifting lugs. It has a hydraulic cylinder that enables you to raise and lower the cantilever. It also comes with a hand-operated lever and rollers that allow you to transport the engine.

Motorheber Test & Vergleich is important because it ensures safety and efficiency. To check the engine, a motor life is of utmost importance. Its application in the workplace includes the following:

  • Lifting heavy engines – It is impossible to lift an engine without the help of a motor lift as the average engine weights around 200 kilos to 300 kilos. With that weight, it is impossible for a human to carry it without the use of the most advanced tools like the motor lift. A motor lift is specially created for this purpose.

  • Having a tool like a motor lift ensures that everything is done in a safe and secure manner. The engine extraction process is crucial as there is a possibility of dropping the engine once you lift it out of the car. A highly durable motor lift ensures the safety of engine lifting and transport. That makes it a must-have tool for every engine-related work.

For someone who is working in the automotive or car industry, the need for essential tools like motor lift should not be taken for granted. Engines are extremely heavy and it is impossible for you to manually remove and replace the engine, even if you got a team of strong men. Safety should always be the top priority. This can be achieved if you are using the right tool. The motor lift or engine lift is a must-have for every work that has something to do with lifting and replacing the engine. It is a bit expensive but is certainly worth your penny considering the amount of work and safety it brings in the workplace.

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