Electronic waste it is now a day’s one of the biggest waste in the world. It commonly referred as the e-scrap or the e-waste; it is the trash that we generate from the extra, damaged and out of date electronic device. It is the process of recovering the material or the data from the old device to use it the new device. Electronics recycling will not only help to save the environment it also saves the money.

Benefits of the recycling

  • Recycling the One million laptops can save the energy equivalents of electricity that can run 3,657 U.S households for at least a year.
  • Electronics contain a variety of the toxins and harmful chemicals that are on the loose into the environment if we do not organize them as it should be.
  • It is found out that minimum of the eighty-one percent of the energy that is linked with a computer is used throughout making instead of the function.
  • Sometimes the electronic devices may contain the hazardous substances like lead, mercury or cadmium adequate processing is important to make sure that this type of material should not get released into the environment.

One of the biggest applications of electronic recycling is in the Information technology assets recovery and disposition. Sometimes there are other methods and ways we achieve electronic recycling like hard drive destruction and shredding it is one of the useful methods to recycle it. It is observed that sometimes the data destruction is also done in order to maintain the balance and storage in a device to use it more efficiently.

Recycling and disposal of the compact fluorescent lamp which is known as the fluorescent light are also useful. Fluorescent bulb recycling helps to save the environment as they contain mercury and other hazardous wastes in them which will harm the nature. Sometimes the material like glass and metal get used up again in making fluorescent bulb again.

Recycling is an important process that we should do this to save our environment and to save both natural and artificial resources for the future generation.

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