There are a few marketing ideas which are out of the box type and not of conventional type. These fringe marketing ideas sometimes prove to be effective and sometimes they turn out to be mere flops.

Following are some of the 4 fringe marketing ideas that help you understand their type:-

“The Whopper Sacrifice”

This idea allows individuals using social networking website like Facebook to select 10 of their friends and unfriend them. On doing that the individuals were given free whoppers. Burger King the sponsor of the whoppers could only manage to give away 20000 whoppers and then the app was shut down by Facebook. The app tried to convey that how many friends a social networking user (Facebook user) can sacrifice to get free whoppers or fast food? Many believe that the app had a lasting impression on its users.

“Elf Yourself”

It is based on an interactive technology and it allows users to put their co-workers, friends or anyone in an e-card featuring them as elves which can be shared around. This became very popular among many people. It often contributed to viral marketing. The marketing taught that if we give people something new then it could be turned into an every year thing provided the thing is received properly. Since the e-card can be shared, this marketing type has the capacity to grow exponentially.

The Old Spice Guy

The theme of “Old Spice Guy” is that if you market any products, services or brands then the appeal must reach entire audience. If you are using multi-media contents then the clips need to be shorter, the title has to be catchy and crisp.

Another fringe marketing idea is “True Blood: Revelation from HBO”.

Think Different

While marketing products or services a business needs to think out of the box to impact more customers. Out of the box ideas can help in lead generation, sale maximization, increased profit making.

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