In Sweden, the best lenders are ones that offer a private smslån between 1000 and 40000 kroner which are referred to as payday loans, low-cost loans, quick loans or macro loans. The same smaslan comes from being able to apply for smaller loans directly via SMS, but now the application is always online on the lender’s website. The character of these smaller loans is the quick application process and payment as well as the flexible repayment period. Most lenders always give notice directly and offer direct payment, even during evenings and weekend hours. For your loan to be paid on the same day, it is of vital importance that you have a valid EID or BankID.

Compare six lenders

Having compared six lenders offering less unsecured loans, so-called smuggling or fast loans, with no interest or fees up to 30 days. Lenders offer new customers the chance to apply for a smoothing loan without any interest as a welcome offer, where the background is the high level of competition between lenders who offer smaller loans.

Loan is completely free of cost

They have only compared those lenders offering interest-free loan without any fees that are hidden, so you can feel confident that the loan is totally free of cost. Borrow up to between 1000 and 4000 kroner with a repayment time between 14-30 days.

Mortgage loans

Mortgage loans are a fast as well as a flexible non-collateral loan for small amounts. There is not an exact definition of a mortgage loan, so we have chosen to call any loan offered by a lender providing private loans up SEK 50,000 for the mortgage loan, so these have been choosing to call loans offered by lenders providing private loans. A SMS is characterized by the quick and easy application process that you perform online on the lender’s website. It normally takes only a few minutes to complete the application form and you always can sign your application directly with your EID (BankID). You will also receive a message directly. Smaslan also goes under the names of microwave and fast loans as well as payday loans.

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