Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile because it is not supported by the Government but is maintained by cryptography [complex math calculation]. It operates on blockchain technology, which is a bookkeeping system where every transaction gets validated via the P2P computer network. Cryptocurrency is a way to exchange digital detail to buy goods and services without regulation from the financial institution or banks.

People trade different kinds of digital currencies as a short term or long-term investment. Until the regulatory bodies take a stand, the crypto trade market will remain unstable with consistent wide price fluctuations. If you plan to buy or sell these digital coins, then you have to be familiar with its existing price to avoid missing opportunities. There are varieties of price alerts associated with the cryptocurrency market that can be used or installed.

Best crypto alert services

  • Coinwink – An open-source platform, which notifies users via SMS or emails of changes as per your preferences. Alerts can be created for more than 1500 coins. For basic users, a free plan includes generous 10 alerts.
  • CoinMarketAlert – User-friendly tools are available for tracking cryptocurrencies price movements. Thus, users can earn a profit on every transaction without any concern about losing their investment.
  • Coindera – You get Free and Pro packages. The former has 5 active alerts and the latter supplies unlimited notification at a charge of $5 per month. Seasoned traders can create all kinds of alerts including price and moving averages to spot trends.
  • Cryptocurrency Alerting – You get to choose from nine different ways of notification including Telegram, SMS, and Discord bots. Besides create customizable alerts based on percentage movements, market price, wallet monitoring, exchange listing, and Bitcoin mempool size.
  • ICO Watchdog – It is a chatbot that keeps crypto traders and investors updated with real-time messaging. The premium package offers improved data like advanced pattern detection, analyze trading signals, etc. that helps investors make smart decisions.

Cryptocurrency alert apps

  • Crypto Price IQ – Real-time price tracker supporting 400+ cryptocurrencies. The app offers daily news feed and is for free.
  • Bitcoin Ticker Widget – Android devices can monitor Bitcoin rates on this widget app. Widgets can be resized and positioned as per your penchant.
  • CryptoCurrency – All the crypto coins can be monitored on a single app. You get a detail view of a real-time cryptocurrency chart.
  • Simple Bitcoin Widget – A simple looking widget app with customizable refresh interval that shows multiple coins prices.
  • CoinTelegraph – A quick check of cryptocurrency prices and alerts for crucial events.
  • Bitcoin Clock-Live Price Checker – NO fancy charts because the price is displayed in large texts.
  • Coin Base – An android app that keeps track of the historical and real-time price of crypto coins.
  • Coin Market Cap – You can get to know the price behavior of 1400+ cryptocurrencies.

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