Gantt charts are a type of bar chart that demonstrates a project schedule. It is a graphical illustration of the length of tasks compared to the advancement of time. Gantt charts are tools that are used for scheduling and planning projects.

Understand steps to completion

Gantt charts make it much easier to understand the steps needed to complete a project while enhancing organization and improving the probabilities of a successful project.

Largest benefit

One large benefit of these charts is the capacity of being able to bring down numerous tasks as well as timelines into one single document that can be stored on a server where all teams involved can have access to update progress. Stakeholders throughout any organization will easily be able to comprehend where all the teams are in a project while understanding the tasks in which individual elements come together end brings the project to its completion.


Gantt charts are created with a ‘horizontal axis’ which is a representation of the total timeline of this project and broken up into increments (ex. days, weeks, or months) and the‘vertical axis’ is a representation of tasks that make up the entire project.

Gantt chart

The Gantt chart is basically a marketing project management solution that was created with one singular purpose. To help marketing and creative teams working on the same project together and to update each team:

  • Progress
  • Time for completion
  • Deliverables

 Gantt chart Excel

Gantt chart used in MS Excel characterizes tasks of projects in a form of horizontal bar charts cascading down. A Gantt chart shows the breakdown of the entire project by displaying start and finish dates as well as numerous relationships between activities or task in the project, and in this way will help the Project Manager in tracking all the tasks in contrast to their planned time or milestones when finished.


Gantt chart is totally automated and is easy to use. If you know MS Excel, you can create Gantt chart with almost no learning curve at all. You only need to download this free Gantt chart excel template to create professional Gantt charts in excel. MS Excel is instantly familiar, so almost anyone on a team will understand it and hit the ground running.

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