Hiring for the right fit at the first time of asking is incredibly important if you want to minimize time and cost in the recruitment process when you are looking to fill dental jobs. Recruitment needs to be conducted in such a way that the process is fair and professional for all involved. Failure to do this may result in the dental office breaching recruitment laws, which could bring the office into disrepute and damage your reputation, according to DentReps. In this day and age, when one of your candidates for an open position believes that your recruitment procedures are unfair, the candidate will most likely communicate their views online and these views will be there to stay.

The candidate experience is especially important. Candidates will be quick to network with each other and let others know about their experience, especially if it is bad. Negative experiences may, therefore, put off others from applying, which may mean that you will miss out on the best candidates in the future.

What can you do to improve the candidate experience within your practice?

Communication is Key

Many people who apply for your position will have spent many hours carefully crafting their application. It is only fair that you keep each candidate up-to-date with the progress of their application.

The number one “pet hate” for candidates in the recruitment process is when they don’t hear back about their application. Make sure you do as it will only take a few minutes out of your day to do so.

Offer Tips for Improving for the Future?

If you have decided that a candidate’s application is not suitable for progression, we would recommend that you say to the candidate how they can improve their chances of landing the position in the future. This will leave a positive impression of the dental office moving forward.

Also, this will save on recruitment costs in the future, as the candidate will be more likely to apply for the position in the future.

Ask Your Current Employees

A great way for analysing your own candidate experience is to ask your newly employed employees about their experience. This is a great way to get an insight into the process from people who have applied for a job in your dental office. You may wish to make the survey anonymous to encourage employees to give truthful responses.

How else can you improve the candidate experience? Read our guide here – https://www.dentreps.com/blog/improving-the-candidate-experience/.

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