Bespoke branded packaging is an often understated marketing technique that should be utilized by businesses wherever possible. From establishing brand recognition to influencing the consumer subconscious, today the packaging experts over at Kendon Packaging will explore the power of branded packaging, explaining why it’s a must have a marketing strategy for your business in the process.

Tap into consumer psychology

To explain just how powerful the use of custom branded packaging, it’s best to start at the beginning – the purchase of the product.

In today’s over-saturated retail market, it’s common for the consumer to be overwhelmed by choice. Though the consumer could, in theory, evenly consider each variation of a single product by weighing up the pros and cons of each, this is far too time-consuming in practice – the supermarket shop takes long enough already! Instead, consumers make quick decisions based on subconscious mental shortcuts, also known as heuristics.

Branded packaging can subsequently play a huge role in the consumer’s decision to purchase a product by tapping into these heuristics. By customizing your packaging with recognizable signature branding through logo, font and colour to name just a few, you can play on familiarity to influence the consumer psyche to pick a product they subsequently feel the most comfortable with.  

Free mobile advertising

Now that your product is in the hands of the consumer, you’ve already reaped the benefit of branded packaging through its influence on the sale – but it doesn’t end there.

As the customer leaves the shop with your product, they actively promote your business by becoming a mobile advertisement. As they continue to wander up and down the high street, they simultaneously advertise your business by displaying your branding, influencing fellow consumers and increasing brand awareness in the process. Never has this been truer than in today’s digital age, where effective branded packaging is often shared on social media platforms such as Snapchat and Facebook.

Create a recognizable brand

Customised branded packaging also allows for you to establish a consistent brand image across your product range, strengthening consumer-brand recognition.

The most effective form of branding is that which catches the eye and remains in the memory. By ensuring the packaging of all your product range is consistent and instantly recognisable, consumers will begin to make a connection between product and brand that will subsequently have a positive effect on sales through establishing the comfort of familiarity.

Boost public image

An additional advantage that is often overlooked by businesses is the ability to boost your public image through branded packaging.

As the public consensus continues to shift towards a greater collective environmental consciousness, using eco-friendly product packaging has become a surprisingly profitable marketing strategy. Though the initial cost of recycled, sustainable packaging will no doubt be more expensive than its non eco-friendly counterparts, by placing distinguishable branding on eco-friendly packaging, you’re promoting your business as one with a defined environmental consciousness, subsequently improving your brand image and making consumers more inclined to purchase your products.

Custom branded packaging can be an incredibly effective marketing technique in every part of the consumer experience. Once you’ve established a consistent branding, be sure to utilise it on the packaging of all your products and begin reaping the benefits today.

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