Investing in Gold and Silver can be easy and profitable. The Gold bullion and silver bullion are simply the common weight of gold and silver in coins or bar form that are available in the commodity market. Gold and silver have been always precious and valuable since man started using money as a currency. Precious metals are always in demand for savvy investor’s portfolio. Gold, silver, and other precious metals are uncorrelated to the stock market which balances your portfolio.

Gold Ira’s investment is a great option, where you can benefit from the IRA account investing in the physical gold bullion and silver bullion. While some desire to invest in gold and silver coins, others hesitate when it comes to investment. However, precious metals have always been a personal choice, considering there pros and cons will help understand whether you should invest in the gold and silver coins or not.

Pros of investing in gold coins and silver coins

1. Gold is considered as one of the safe haven investments because it has long-term protection against inflation, and won’t react to the event in the same way as the traditional assets. Therefore it is considered as diversification for your portfolio.

2. Due to inflation, purchasing gold can give you the power to protect your savings. You can even save your investment against currency devaluations.

3. You can get inherent value buying gold and silver coins because they are tangible assets in the world which are not controlled by the government.

4. It provides easy liquidity, you can redeem your gold and silver as and when you need.

Cons of investing in gold and silver coins

1. As compared to stocks and bonds, gold is not a passive investment, you cannot earn regular income from it, and you can only get the profit when traded in the market.

2. A precious metal is difficult to store as they need to be guarded carefully and requires lockers. If storing them in bank lockers, you will need to pay the extra maintenance chargers for storing them.

3. When there are crashes in stock markets, investor tends to invest in gold at high prices, which may lead value of gold to rise. But the gold rates are corrected itself after the panic dies, this correction can lead to losses.

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