If you’re a tech startup, your greatest value proposition is your app or your website. Regardless of whether it is software or hardware, you’ll need a good website. Here are ways to make your website a brilliant one.

Make it look professional- you need to catch the customer’s eye from the get-go. If there’s a sense that its amateur, people may judge your product to be the same too. Nothing about your website should create such an impression. It should be clean, professional and eye-catching.

The customer comes first- always remember who the website must appeal to. That is the customer, always and forever. With each page you design, think about how the customer might feel and what he or she needs. Here are a few things to keep in mind- ease of navigation, ability to find information easily, transparent payment options, visual appeal of the website, the effectiveness of language and content. Remember, the customer-centric website has the maximum appeal. It lays out information in a ready and easy manner and gives a sense of organization and interest. When a customer feels comfortable, it builds trust and that results in a sale. The opposite is also true. If your website confuses the customer, there are strong chances that they might abandon the process midway, resulting in a loss of sale.

The content- it’s important to keep it simple and avoid terminology and lingo. If you do have to use it, make sure to include a line or two simplifying the terms. You can’t go wrong with a conversational tone that’s informal and draws the customer in too. Don’t exaggerate and promise the customer the moon; he is not likely to trust hype. Stick to the truth and give them all the facts. Consider different pages for different content. This will make the information stick in the customer’s memory and also make for ease of navigation. Visuals are a great way to give relevant information. See if you can create great pictures, rather than choose something generic. A judicious blend of copy and picture works very well.

Show the customer your uniqueness. Sure, the customer lands at your website but give them a reason to stay. Tell them why your tech startup is what they’ve been looking for and how your product can make their life easier. When you offer them the value proposition from the first time they see your page, it will make them want to explore your work even more.

No one wants an unfinished website. Don’t go prime time if you don’t have all your ducks in a row. And once your website is up and running, make sure you update it regularly. This means content and stock inventory too. Speaking of stock, a good place for a tech startup to park its stuff is the good old storage unit. Self-storage Fort Collins is convenient because you can rent a unit for as long as you want it.

Spend time and effort in making your website look as appealing as you can make it. Bright, cheerful, easy- these are the words you should be looking at.

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