One of the great things about internet services is that you can choose to go with an agency that could be based right on the other side of the country to you, or even further afield if you wish, but there are a lot of reasons why you might want to stay local when it comes to a web design agency. Here are just three reasons why it might pay to stay local.


Just like any other working relationship, communication is key with your web design agency, so the closer that you physically are to them, the better.

Although it’s great that you can easily message or Skype agencies from further afield, being able to pop into the office for a chat can sometimes make all the difference.

If you’re working with an agency that operates in a whole other time zone to you, this creates a whole other set of issues too!

If you want to read some horror stories about businesses that have been burnt when outsourcing design work overseas, check out this article from the Financial Post.

It’s ideal to get as many references as possible before you hire an agency too, which can be a lot more difficult when they’re based further afield.

If they’re local though, you should be able to get in touch fairly easily with any of their past or present clients.

Building Local Relationships

Working with a local agency also helps you to build up other relationships with businesses in the local area.

The more you can work with your fellow local businesses, the more benefits you’ll see. For example, they could put you in touch with local social media agencies, SEO agencies, printers and more.

And of course, this works both ways, so they can help put your name out there amongst the local community and hopefully send some work your way as well, so it works for everyone!

We spoke to London-based agency Liquid Bubble, who said: “While we work with clients from all over the country, we always prefer to work with fellow London-based businesses because the relationships and contacts that that can bring can be invaluable.”

You can also check out this article from Entrepreneur for more information on the benefits of teaming up with other local businesses.

Knowledge of Your Business

If you go with a local agency, hopefully, they already know all about your business (they might even already be a customer), but even if they don’t, then it’s much easier for them to get their head around what you do, and they’ll also be much more knowledgeable about your competitors and the space that you’re operating in.

Either way, they’ll have experience in targeting customers in your local area and will know what works with them and what doesn’t.

This might not seem that big of a deal, but when you start trying to work with people on the other side of the world, with potential language barriers and all the other issues that bring you to start to appreciate a bit of local knowledge.

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