If you run a business inside a building you own, then investing in roof maintenance is a means of
preventing greater expenses from occurring. In addition, if your roof needs to be repaired, then you’ll want
to find the best roofing company that does the work for a competitive price. Unfortunately, too many
business owners get fooled by scammers who are only interested in making money off your misfortune.
To protect yourself, you will need to recognize scammers for what they are and only hire licensed,
reputable roofing companies for installation, maintenance, and repair work. What follows are the top 5 tips
provided by professional roofing companies that will help you keep from getting scammed.

Roofing Contractor Approaches You

Many scams occur after a storm when there may be damage to your roof. A person will drive up in his or
her pickup claiming to be roofing contractor and offer their services to you. Legitimate roofing contractors
who work in your community will rarely if ever come onto your property unannounced. This is because
they market their services and expect customers to call them. If someone approaches you to do roofing
work, that is a big red flag that they might be a scammer.

No License

When approached by a roofing contractor, ask for their business license. They should have an operating
license to work legally in your state. Even one-person companies will have the proper licensing and
certification, so be sure that is the first thing you ask when meeting with a roofing contractor. If they do not
have a license, do not do any business with them. You will want to report them to the proper authorities
because they cannot do roofing work without the proper license.

The Down Payment

If the roofing company says it needs a down payment to start the work, they are scammers. They will say
the down payment is to purchase the supplies or labor needed to repair or replace the roof, but in truth, it’s
money that will disappear sometimes with the roofer as well. No legitimate roofing company will ask for a
down payment, so be sure to refuse to sign any contract that includes such a request.

High-Pressure Tactics

How business owners and residents get scammed by fake roofing contractors is often through high-pressure
tactics. They see damage to your roof and provide a contract for their services that they call a
“cut-rate” or discount. They keep pressuring you to sign the contract to take advantage of the low rate.
This tactic often works because repairing a roof quickly is highly desirable since every day that passes
the more damage that may occur. However, legitimate roofers do not use high-pressure tactics, so if this
happens to walk away and contact a reputable roofer to do the job.

No Locked-In Payment

Sometimes called an “elevator ride” this is where the scammer will start with a low bid, often far lower
than other roofing contractors. If you accept and sign the contract, their expenses will suddenly go up. So,
if a bid seems too good to be true, it is, so avoids it and go with a real commercial roofing contractor.

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