Many people are surprised to read the label but after going through this article it will be clear why the successful investors never share their secrets with the others. Of course, the primary reason is to keep their business flourishing. If the secret is revealed, the advantage will be lost. There are, however, many different reasons why a person should choose to become selfish while investing in this sector. Before judging us and criticizing with sharp comments, understand one person’s gain is one person’s loss. This is an economy where the basic rule of economics still applies. One dollar lost is one dollar profit for someone else. To survive in this industry, the only way is to trade selfishly.

Isn’t selfishness a bad thing?

Fortunately or unfortunately, there is no good or bad thing in forex. The only language that is understood by the traders’ community is profit and loss. If the strategy turns out to be successful and there is a positive outcome, profit is made. When there are mistakes, the capital is lost. Being selfish does not say an investor needs to hurt everyone else involved in trading. It simply denotes taking the right actions based on understanding and skills. If the group is telling the price is going to fall but your analyses are indicating the opposite, go by your decision. It is impossible to find someone willing to help regardless of their benefits. Even if found, there is always the chance of being scammed. The professional signal providers also do not help for eternity, sooner or later their advice will end.

Dealing with the market

If you live in Hong Kong you can easily learn lots of new things about the trading profession. The pro traders always buy stocks based on technical and fundamental analysis. They never rely on other people opinion. Trading is all about finding the best possible trades at the complex market condition. You might be a new trader but this doesn’t mean you can’t learn anything. Use the demo account try to develop your trading skills. Forget about the associated risk in trading and trade the market with a 1{5ea2a83668c58c8f965e7d22d08830846cdf2cdb75bf92e7271a633d663d0fee} risk management policy. If required, buy books on trading profession so that you can easily develop your trading skills in this complex market.

How to trade “selfishly”?

Just don’t express anything, it is as simple as that. Whenever there is big winning, do not go screaming around and telling everybody you have won money. Instead, enjoy the success alone and plan for the next trade. Do not let emotions take over and spill out the beans. Remember, business strategies are the only tools that give competitors advantages. Once it has been disclosed, other investors will take away the position. Does that mean failure can be shared? No, it also should be kept within you as it will expose the vulnerabilities. Before communicating and exchanging information, keep in mind the struggle and hours that have been put to reach this position. Once understood, selfishness will sound rational.

Another tip is to never share the prediction with the trading community. Although it may sound morally and ethically wrong when we are asking for suggestions but becoming great requires sacrifices. Do not worry about what other people will think. Hardly investors get time to find out own mistakes, let alone thinking of others. Things need to be done differently to stand out from the crowd. This is why only a few succeed while the majority lose.

If you plan to share, why not make it commercial?

Since capital has been invested, we can assume the goal is to make money. We can find many people are sharing their methods, techniques, and tips with others on the internet. If the same plan is going in mind, why not make it a business? It will reach struggling traders and also help the professionals financially.

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