“Time” is one of the most important things which most of the people do not have. But people have to waste time for several different purposes especially the traveling time for the business meeting and office meetings or going to look the relatives but do not worry, everybody is living in the modern world. Due to increased technical advancement, people are able to save their precious time in office as well as in homes and that technical advancement is video conferencing. If anyone has to attend the meeting which is far away from you then there is absolutely no need to go to that place, there are several other alternatives to go to meeting. There are several ways like video conferencing, video teleconferencing, hangouts alternative (google hangout) and zoom alternative. There all alternatives are the type of video conferencing.

Video conferencing needs a personal computer, a microphone, 2 or more people to talk, internet connection along with a good web camera. People think that video conferencing is costly but one can not deny the fact that the benefits are much more amazing than the cost of equipment. Most of the people have myths about the video conferencing but it is the time to break the myths. The below mentioned points will explain the fact about the pros of video conferencing.

Productivity –

Everyone knows that people have to spend a huge time traveling so as to attend the meetings. If the meetings are near you then also it is fine but sometimes the meetings are out of the country and spending a huge time for traveling for just attending the meeting is foolishness. One can easily attend the meeting by video conferencing and there is absolutely no need to spend the extra money and extra time. This will ultimately increase the productivity at the workplace.

Saves money –

So as to attend the meetings and conferences, the most important requirement is the money. So just by attending the meetings through video conferencing saves a lot of money.

Safety –

If the employees are traveling for the purpose of the company then the whole responsibility for their safety is on the shoulders of a company. But if the company wants to reduce the safety issues then the video conferencing is good.

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