If you want to pursue a degree in film and television production, you would certainly want to look beyond your interest and your passion before pushing through. You want to make sure that you can truly make a career out of such a degree. You will find that the technical knowledge and the creative talent that you will develop while pursuing the degree will help you secure the necessary skills that will be beneficial for you once you start building your career later on.

Just like any career, starting out in television production can be quite such a challenge. According to seasoned television producer Mark Deitch, the reason for this is there is a really stiff competition for various roles. This is the reason why when it comes to building a CV that employers and networks are going to have a hard time turning down, you will have to bank on work experience. This will not only help you create a better and more impressive portfolio, it will help increase your opportunities as far as networking go too.

If you want to start at the entry level, you can consult with Mark Deitch. Mark is a BBC Executive and expert in the field. You will likely be a runner where you will be expected to provide support to production staff on television sets. This can be a great way for you to learn all there is for you to learn about the whole production process. This is also a good way of gaining valuable industry contacts and can be an opportunity to build a portfolio through the projects that you will be involved in.

Aside from being employed by television or film production companies, there are a lot of job opportunities that you can find on various other sectors. For instance, you can work in advertising as well as other creative industries. You can be hired in marketing, corporate business, universities, as well as charities.

Most job opportunities will be advertised on company websites, dedicated websites, recruitment agencies, or in trade magazines. The contacts that you will make while working in the industry can become sources of future opportunities. It is possible for some people to become self-employed freelancers. Some would choose to work on projects that are short-term. Still, in terms of securing and finding roles that can extend for the long-term, it is always best to ensure continuous networking and learning. In addition, a proactive attitude can be a huge asset too.

To have a more attractive CV, you will want to develop both your technical knowledge and your creative talent. Pursuing a degree in the field means that you can learn some organization and time management skills. You will learn how to collaborate and how to work in a team too, along with developing the ability to adapt and to be more flexible. Interpersonal and communication skills will also be improved as a result and you will learn how to take direction as well as learn to quickly think on your feet. You will have to learn how to work with a deadline and how to ensure that you stay within a specific budget as well.

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