Run get your used eco friendly laundry detergent sheets or find one that is adhered to your sock! You never know where those bothersome things appear. If you do not have any used sheets, go wash and a dry load of clothing (unclean or not). Once your clothing is dry, do not discard that sheet!

Now you can either fold your clean clothes and put them away or get the used allergy free dryer sheets and go to your marking room. Me, I’d go to my marking room, wish to know why? I wish to produce a beautiful handcrafted card utilizing this strategy. This strategy will make your image handle a different softer type of search for that special card you’ve been wishing to produce.

Wish to know the actions for this strategy? Take your used anti-static sheet and flatten it out. Take a piece of Whisper White card stock and mark your image onto the card stock. Color your image utilizing markers if needed. Get a clear adhesive sheet (it’s sticky on both sides) and cut a piece the same size as your card stock. Place the adhesive sheet on top of your stamped image.

It’s really crucial you place the adhesive sheet on top of your image. Now take the used anti-static sheet and smooth it out on top of the adhesive sheet which is already on your stamped image. Once you have adhered to the anti-static sheet, cut the sheet the same size as your card stock.

Sprinkle Dazzling Diamonds shine over the anti-static sheet and rub the shine into the sheet with your fingers. The shine will stick where the adhesive shows through. Tap off the excess shine and take a look at your beautiful image. Now you can begin producing the rest of your card.

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