The Greening Corporation United (GC) is a focus, value driven, and ambitious digital agency based in Michigan.  It provides the best and innovative solutions in the world of digital legal marketing.   This business was founded by Donovan J. Greening who is a young entrepreneur in the state of Michigan.   This company has expanded to cover all parts of digital marketing from website designing, app development, graphic design, database development and management, search engine optimization, content marketing as well as social media site marketing.

Digital technology

As digital technology matures and expands, strategies for digital advertising are changing and evolving to keep up.  From social, to big data, to search, the opportunities for marketers today are almost endless.

Keep up with times

So how does a digital marketing firm keep up with the times?  There are new trending marketing strategies with more on the horizon.  There are also tips on increasing your marketing return on investment by incorporating them into your business plans and campaigns.

Mobile video advertising

Mobile video ad is the up and coming way to advertise.  In fact, mobile video ads spending in the United States has more than doubled from 2013 to 2014 – up to $1.5 billion and many predict it will reach over $6 billion by 2018.  Mobile video ads are beginning to show up universally and the cause for this growth is easy; pair a 4G service with a smartphone and users can share and watch high-quality videos no matter where they are.

Mobile internet usage

Since most of the mobile usage of the internet takes place with apps, marketers use video in apps to get the attention of the audience between task.  Users of YouTube are already used to seeing parts of ads so this experience is conventional. In the majority of cases, the ad can only be skipped when the user has watched a few seconds, and in other cases, they cannot be skipped any.  Some of these ads even offer the use of an incentive to watch the full ad.


Social media networks

Additionally, to mobile apps, social media website is not strictly mobile and have made video abilities available to users and marketers alike.  While Facebook and YouTube are not firmly mobile platforms, their video ads are created to load quickly and run effortlessly on mobile devices.  Facebook also suggests premium video ads for business using their platform.  In fact, when Facebook announced video ad offering last year, it was demoed on a smartphone.

How to get started

The best channel to try a mobile video strategy for an ad is on Facebook.  It is quite affordable and has high-quality demographic targeting letting your new video ad reach anyone you want it to reach. Facebook is experimenting with formats that are new for engaging, like ads that are full-screen, that duplicates an advertiser’s website by including the ability to scroll over pages of videos, as well as images and text.

Current clients

This is what Greening Corporation United is learning and are offering this marketing strategies to law firms who want to run a marketing campaign.

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