If the time has arrived when you want to hurry your career path and you are at the point of needing a change, chances are you are thinking about reaching out to executive search firms. Connecting with an executive search firm can be an excellent way to advance your search and begin exploring leads, but it’s best to carefully plan your approach. Here are some tips to think about when reaching out to any search firm.

Resume reflects skill for exact opportunities

Obviously, the first thing to do is to update your resume to present your most recent as well as your most relevant experience. Resist the incentive to only add your recent experiences at the top, without fully analyzing exactly what your resume is communicating. You will also need to consider how your resume places you – whether it directly conveys the suitable organizational level you fit in, clear in spreading your career target, and the business encounters you are prepared to take on.

Write a focused cover letter

A brief cover letter that communicates critical information will be more likely to lead to higher recruiter reply rates. Be clear in communicating your career goal, your major achievements and qualifications as well as any other information that is important such as expected salary and willingness to relocate. There is no need to go over everything on your resume. Your goal with this cover letter is to spur some interest and save the recruiter time by conveying only what they need to know to decide if you are a match for their open searches. Also, remember – long cover letters will go unread.

Have an attitude that is helpful

Prior to reaching out to your list of focused recruiters, make certain you do a check of reality by putting yourself in the shoes of these recruiters. Remember that they are not paid to find you a job; instead, they are paid to fill positions for their clients. They might not be willing to interview you or speak to you at length if there is not an immediate position that you fit well in. But, if you do get to speak to a recruiter, think of it as the chance to build a mutually advantageous relationship.

These are important tips to follow.

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