Passive candidates are the candidates who are not actively seeking out new jobs as they are already happily employed somewhere else. It is highly probable that such a candidate is a worthwhile employee of a certain organization but seeking to contribute more to their workplace. Organizations can sometimes need to source and place passive candidates in various job places. For this process to be successful, professional recruiters are required to be proactive to reason out with such candidates to consider filling certain slots in job place while they are not active in their places of work.

Most of the times, passive candidates are very essential to certain jobs since there are considered mostly due to their experience as well as the manner in which they work. There are various ways in which passive candidates can be sourced in many ways. However, these ways need to be convincing for the candidate to consider the role they are being called upon to carry out.

Use of Personal Database

Every company has an ATS/CRM with a list of individuals that have expressed interest in working with the company in the past. This is the initial gold mine that should be exploited since it has several potential candidates with the required skills to serve the required roles. However, each of the searches made should start with the silver medalists who had applied for the open slot in the past. This provides the best initial list before expanding the search to the other sources

Use of the Social Media

Many people around the world are active on Social Media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. On these social Media, they tend to update their achievements and upload resumes with the experience they have got so far. Social Media are therefore a good source of potential candidates. Most of the times, however, passive candidates are not actively seeking jobs since they are already content with their places of work. This means that their profiles and resumes on LinkedIn may be heavily outdated. It, therefore, calls for cross-referencing of the various profiles belonging to the candidates to establish the skills they have acquired over time. Look at the years of experience for the candidates and then target the companies that have high performing teams. Therefore, Social Media are some of the best places where recruiting passive candidates can be done.

Referral Programs

A successful referral program is very essential since it can be an easy source of candidates with the required skills for the job. Such a program helps one to turn the workforce into a network of recruiters. With the full workforce backing you up, you will easily come up with a long list of the potential passive candidates. However, it calls for many incentives, rewards and the right strategies to compel the employees to help you source for the passive candidates with the skills required.  Referral programs are a very cost-effective means of coming up with a pool of skilled candidates that can handle all the tasks that you require.

Such programs also aid the organization’s bottom line. Various studies indicate that the tenure of referral candidates is higher than that of traditional hire. Also, the employee’s referral program is a means through which the recruiting cost is diminished since most of the referred candidates tend to join the jobs faster and report higher satisfaction than the others.

Talent Communities

A talent community refers to a medium f connecting with a group of people with the skills required for a specific job but does not see a prospect in your company for the posts that align with their interests. It simply refers to a centralized hub where candidates tend to submit their information without necessarily being committed to specific positions. Once a good amount of job seekers exist in your talent community, it would then be easy to build a pipeline of candidates already engaged with the employer’s brand and also keen to work for your company. Talent community also provides a platform through which the future candidates with the knowledge of your company’s culture, vision as well as success can be nurtured.

AI And Supercharged Sourcing Software

Nowadays, various tools that go beyond the typical database of candidate’s information exist in the market. Some of these tools are the supercharged sourcing tools that make use of the AI to assist in the process of automating high volume tasks, for example, the search of information across networks, ranking candidates by considering the relevance level and building of a rich candidate’s profile. The use of AI sourcing tools has helped in the acquisition of higher quality candidates. Introduction of such technology is therefore relevant to ensure the success of the company since it helps in the process of recruiting passive candidates.

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