Corporate Service Provider ACHI offers a wide range of services to their clients. The two core businesses are Corporate Secretarial and Employment Cum Recruitment Agency for any business. Corporate Secretary who carries services from incorporation till the end of de-registration. They could be known as Corporate Service Provider. They play a crucial role in any type of business. Employment cum Recruitment agency matches the right candidate with the employer and vice versa. First, they understand company’s requirement and they do screening and shortlisting the best of best candidates as well as the right employer for the recruitment services. They source the employment to the right candidate who fits perfectly to the required position by the company. Corporate Service Provider cum Consultant ACHI is expertise in their fields and has well trained their professionals to serve the best to their customers.

Importance of Corporate Service Provider & Employment Cum Recruitment Agency – Both the services are important to run the business smoothly.

1. Consultation –

ACHI provides consultation services to their clients. Consultation is always better than guidance. They are expert in this field and their consultation will always be beneficial to any business.

2. Nominal charges –

ACHI is following with fair charges for corporate services whereby strictly adhering to the rules and regulations set by the Authority for services related to Employment Cum Recruitment. They work in that way so that it will be attractive to the Customers, Employees as well as Employers.

3. Time and Cost saving services –

ACHI helps to save the time and cutting the costs for the firm when the outsourcing service takes place with them. They provide cost-effective services to their clients. Time is money for any business and they manage to save time and cost for the business.

4. Proactive in nature –

ACHI works for the benefits of the companies or any business in a proactive manner to the best of clients’ satisfaction.

5. Additional benefits –

Corporate service provider ACHI takes care of all the services related to incorporation till the end of de-registration. Employment Cum Recruitment Agency does the best hiring practices for both the employees and employers to their great satisfaction levels. All these services by ACHI are catered under one roof.

ACHI takes the responsibilities of the company and performs their job with dedication. ACHI is having a good team of professionals who are experts in all sectors with thorough knowledge and outsourcing with ACHI will always benefit the businesses.

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