What is Polycarbonate?

Known for its hardened and tough qualities, polycarbonate is manufactured for a variety of different industries. This thermoplastic has a number of qualities that make it perfect for a number of applications, usually related to protectiveness in some way. This is one of the reasons polycarbonate is an excellent material to be used by Melaphone. At Melaphone, products are supplied to a wide range of businesses and individuals, all with different reasons as to why bespoke melaphones are important to them. However, some overlap and overall determine the main reasons as to why polycarbonate is perfect for our uses.

Why Use It for Melaphones?

Melaphones, as you will already know, are products that allow secure and clear communication between people without the use of electricity, as you would need with a normal intercom system. There are a couple of main, overlapping reasons as to why melaphones are produced using polycarbonate as the main material in terms of its manufacturing. Those reasons are as follows:

Sturdy and Protective

Many of the industries that Melaphone supply their products to are in need of secure materials. Prisons, travel agents and banks are examples. With the use of polycarbonate in their melaphones, these types of businesses are guaranteed security. Not only are they given a natural window intercom, they are given a material that will not allow harm to anyone behind it.

Polycarbonate has high impact strength, that means if anyone attempts to break through it, they will ultimately struggle due to how strong the material is. Polycarbonate is just as strong as regular glass and is a lot more smash resistant. With a communication window, you want to ensure you can communicate whilst also being fully protected from people who may potentially be irate or have intentions to rob. That is why all of these characteristics make polycarbonate ideal for both a melaphone and the actual window of the kiosk/wall. Other helpful characteristics of polycarbonate is that it has excellently withstood heat and insulate electricity, showing once again that it is brilliant to incorporate into areas where added protection is necessary.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Of course, as mentioned earlier,  polycarbonate looks ultimately the same as normal glass. Because of this, melaphones and the kiosk or window they are installed to (if found necessary) give the obviously approving property of looking exactly like glass. This allows people to use it as if it were actual glass, e.g. being able to look through it.

This also acts in the favor of individuals who believe they can break through the melaphone and kiosk/wall as if it were glass. They will find polycarbonate to be tougher than glass and therefore, the strength of the polycarbonate will allow time for people to call the police and get to safety if necessary.

Contact Melaphone

Melaphone is an established company that specializes in the manufacturing of polycarbonate-produced, communication products. If you are looking for a communication factor that has no need to be powered and is made to have decent strength, look no further than Melaphone. If you feel Melaphone can help you, then why not contact them today! You can call them on 013 5923 3191 or email them at info@melaphone.co.uk.

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