If you’re an entrepreneur that wants to take their business to the next level, then there are lots of things that you can do. Below, we’ve put together some of the most sensible investments you should make as a business owner to increase profitability and keep customers coming back.

Web design

In today’s tech-focused world, your website is the equivalent to the shop front of your business, which is why you need to have a site with all of the bells and whistles in order to stand out. Even if you offer the best services at the cheapest prices, consumers will naturally flock to a website that looks more appealing and professional, so you shouldn’t cut costs when designing a site. Of course, you can spend very little and have a premium template customized for your website, but going the whole hog and paying a developer to craft a custom site from the ground up is better.

Custom app

More people use their smartphones to access the internet and purchase from e-commerce brands than those who use a desktop device, so creating an app is a sensible idea. There are a wide number of benefits of custom apps, but the biggest is increasing brand awareness and encouraging existing customers to remain loyal to your brand, rather than shopping around.

Social media management

Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are perfect for connecting with your customers and spreading the word about your new products, but unless you’ve got lots of free time to create social media content that’s engaging and unique, then the chances are that you won’t see the results. It’s easy to fail at social media if you don’t have the time or the passion for it, so the best course of action is to invest in a social media executive or outsource to a marketing agency.

A good accountant

Managing the everyday running of your business is one thing, but if you’re also responsible for the books, things can get stressful, and it can be easy to overlook costs and savings that your business could make to increase its bottom line. By investing in a good accountant, either in a house or on a contract basis, you can relax knowing the books are being covered, and if they’re good at their job, they may even be able to find loopholes or additional tax-saving schemes.

A competitor

Buying out a competitor is a risky move, but it’s one that has worked for some of the world’s most successful businesses. If you have the available capital and you think that you can merge two businesses together, then consider the investment at your earliest convenience. Not only does buying out a competitor give you more power in your industry, but it removes some of the competition and gives you potentially hundreds of new clients practically overnight. No amount of marketing or expansion could give you the same growth in as short a space of time, but it’s up to you to determine whether your business infrastructure could cope with such investment.

Making big investments in your business isn’t always easy, especially if you’re just starting out or you’re running low on capital. Review the opportunity cost and return on investment before you do anything hasty, and always keep an eye on your finances. Best of luck with your growth!

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