Hong Kong and Singapore have long been considered as the two of Asia’s top cities, and are somehow known as the “dragon or tiger cities”.They do have a rivalry between them for competing in many areas, due to their similarity. One spot of competition is competing for talents and/or the workforce. When it comes to other major areas including the economy of the cities, education for children, quality of living in the urban districts, the two cities would usually come off with similar results. They are both former British colonies, and they are two of the world’s busiest port cities and top financial centers. Hong Kong is often believed (by foreigners) to be more lively and dynamic in nightlife. It may be less friendly in general. Singapore, in general, is becoming a cleaner city.

When considering people’s long-term health, Singapore would have stood out higher than in Hong Kong. The air quality is cleaner in Singapore. Due to the highly industrialized Mainland China factories and due to the fact that Hong Kong’s location is so close to China, China’s industrial development has done no favor in the past 20-30 years to HK’s clean air.

Foreigners who are considering to work in Hong Kong for the long term. The best advice is to first come to HK with a visitor visa. Take a good look at the place. First, be a tourist. Get around the city to meet a few new friends. Many expatriates are friendly and would tell you how their lives have become after moving to the city. Apply for the work visa through the Hong Kong Immigration Department, after you get an employment offer from a local HK company. For the rest of the procedure, you will have to submit your application form with all the necessary information and document, according to what the Immigration Department has asked.

Expats would always find that companies in both Singapore and Hong Kong are paying a higher salary than those in Taiwan. Between SG and HK, there isn’t as much difference. For a living cost, it may be slightly higher in HK depending on the exact district you live. For languages, citizens in HK would be able to speak English without much problem, even though the HK demographics are mostly Chinese and they prefer speaking in Cantonese Chinese (as mother tongue). Think of one of those very famous Jacky Chan’s kung fu movies in the past. If you can understand Jacky Chan’s English and think you can communicate without a problem, then you won’t have a problem understanding the local citizens.

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