Stat Bliss Inc. is a new idea coming to life on Kickstarter and is a data analytics and visualization software for financial traders and investors looking for a better way to track as well as visualize alternative data. They are unable to find what they are looking for at a price that is reasonable, so they are addressing this void in the market by building software only for traders to work with their data. Up until now, traders had to spend thousands of dollars every month to have access to software offering them more depth of information. This meant that only the big money traders had the funds to have a system that suited them or could afford the people to build it.

What’s new?

What they have built is now ready to go – with no need to connect API’s or manipulate data from one platform to another. Stat Bliss, Inc. knows how trader’s time is more valuable, so this software makes life easier. Gets the data a trader needs, leading to making more educated and faster trades and then be done for the day. Cheaper, faster, and is making trading easier.

Why this is better

Many traders are used to using financial tools such as:

  • Scanners
  • Watchlists
  • Alerts

If the price drops – you get an alert. But what if recalls spikes, stores are mobbed or social sentiment drops? Now with Stat Bliss, you can watch for signals that are deeper in the data and get alerts when the information is valuable to use. A trader can work with the data before anything causes a problem with the price after a trader has already made their deal.


For all traders who want to have the edge on the prices to trade without spending thousands a month on software or financial tools, Stat Bliss could help you make that trade faster when it is at a great price – Stat Bliss just might be what you need. You can at least research it and see if it does make your trading life more profitable for you.

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