One needs to choose the right health insurance plan with the utmost care. Search for and discover plans that offer discounts on premiums for health insurance. A wrong decision can turn out to be a blunder in the future. So, carry out your research well before picking the best health insurance plan.

Always check to ensure the perfect balance between insurance coverage and insurance premium while choosing the best health insurance plan.

Discounts on premiums of the best health insurance

Luckily, there are companies that offer reduced premium amounts. A few companies offer a lower premium when you purchase the plan online. As agents are not involved in the online process, the company tries to retain the policyholders after bringing them on board.

Moreover, there are companies that facilitate the features of ‘Fixed Benefit Health Insurance Plans!’

The trauma and mental agony during a critical illness are unavoidable. Arranging for the required money for treatment within a short span adds to the agony. So, a health insurance plan is a must for all the middle-class earners who find it hard to provide the money during medical emergencies.

To combat such hardships, ‘fixed-benefit health insurance plans’ try to cover for hospitalization charges as well as for the surgery. However, be cautious as such plans don’t pay for radiology, pathology and medical consultation.

When in times of a claim, a lump sum amount is offered, irrespective of the actual expenses of the insured. So, it solely depends on the insured how he utilizes the amount.

The zero sub-limit features also help the insured to use the amount according to his/her requirements without having any sub-limits on mandatory co-payment, room rent capping etc.

Moreover, fixed-benefit health insurance plans are very pocket-friendly. The rival pricing of the premiums is what makes the fixed benefit health insurance plans the most essential plans to cover for critical illness charges.

How to choose and buy the best health insurance?

Choosing the best health insurance requires serious thought. You need to look for the parameters that aid in making the decision:


Be well aware of your financial stability and consider the budget of the family. This is the main parameter that will determine the amount of premium that you can pay.


Another factor to look for is whether or not the health insurance plan provides a co-payment facility. Co-payment is a special feature where a fixed percentage of the approved claim amount has to be paid by the insurer.

Addition of a new family member

The addition of a new family member always brings joy to the family. However, make sure that the health insurance company provides you with the feature of adding new family members to your health insurance policy.

Claim settlement process

The best health insurance company always comes up with a hassle-free claim settlement process, thus eliminating all cumbersome processes.

Compare health insurance plans

Before selecting a policy, make sure to compare it with other policies and choose the health insurance plan that is best suited to your needs.

Comparing the health insurance plans can be done online with the help of web insurance broker such as

The parameters to keep in mind during comparison include features of health insurance plans, add-on benefits offered by the insurance provider, the sum insured, the exclusions and the network of hospitals allied with the insurance policy provider.

These factors are not just merely a determining factor, but also a testament to the quality of service rendered by the best health insurance companies.

Selecting the best health insurance plan is never an easy task. Always compare companies on the basis of the following crucial factors:

Premium Vs Coverage:

Always check for the proportionality of the two. Check if the cover or sum assured go hand in hand with the premium paid. You could also choose add-ons as per the needs.

Network hospitals:

Be vigilant of the network hospitals in your vicinity. Since you can avail cashless services only at these hospitals, make sure that your policy provider has allied hospitals in your locality.

Room rent limits:

Hospital rents tend to vary at different places. So, in such cases, the insurer might pay only a part of the actual rent. It’s advised to select the higher or no room rent limit plans.


Check for all treatments that are being covered by the insurer and the treatments that are categorized under the waiting period. In most cases, chronic illness is regarded as exclusion and won’t be included in the coverage.

With the help web insurance brokers like, you can easily obtain the best health insurance plan.

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