Opportunities for property investment come in all forms. The range of properties that you can choose from is quite diverse. There are various investment strategies that you can employ too. This is also the reasons why property investment can be quite an ideal route if you aim at diversifying your investment portfolio as much as you can.

There is also the fact that it offers quite a decent investment yield. Everybody knows that there is hardly any value to putting one’s hard-earned money in the bank. The dividend yield is paltry and if you are hoping to get a good side income through investments, going this route would just be a disappointment.

Since the investment yields that one can get out of investing in property tend to be way higher, it makes sense to look into possible investment opportunities that may be available for you. If buy-to-let properties are not your cup of tea nor a brick and mortar residential unit, you might want to consider venturing into student accommodation instead. Below, experienced property specialist Experience Invest reviews enumerate the reasons why.

The number of students going into university is soaring. While there may have been increases in tuition fees, but more people these days feel the need to secure a higher degree. For instance, in the year 2015 alone, university places in the UK received a record number of 600,000 students. With the trend not expected to let up soon, the numbers are only expected to increase even more.

Gone are the days when university students have to live in university-appropriated accommodations inside the campuses. The demand for halls of residences inside university campuses has gone to such level where it is hard for the universities to keep up. Since there are no longer available accommodations in the campus, students have to look somewhere else and student accommodations are the way to go.

You will find out too that unlike the usual property investment scheme such as buy-to-let, you are getting higher yields with student accommodations. Since you can have properties set up where three people or even more can share a room accommodation, you get three times the income in a single unit investment alone or even more.

Mot student accommodations are purpose-built. They tend to be more attractive thanks to the fact that they offer its occupants living accommodations that are very much similar to living inside the universities’ residence halls. From study areas to common rooms to wi-fi, purpose-built student properties have all the necessary facilities that make them ideal and attractive to student occupants.

You also get the benefit of a property that is already managed. If you want a hands-off investment which is something that most investors out there would prefer, then this will make you love student property investments even more. Property management is often already included in the setup which makes the whole thing an even more attractive prospect for you. You can read more about Experience Invest reviews on our official Yelp page here.

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